Paper Titles

Understanding Human Behavior and Experience Toward Healthcare Technology Humanization (See Behavior Ressources)
Tom, Ralph, Shangping, Yong Se, Laurence

The Stories We Tell Our Doctors

Patient Advocates

Design of Interactive Visualization and Mediation
Kei, Yong Se, Zhan, Gerry, Jihyun,

Human Centered Design for the Medical Community
Shin, Gerry

Self Management Across Asia, America, and Europe
Eirik, Gunnar, Tom, Shin, Lawrence, Ali, Kai, Kayt, Ryoichi

Data Experience Leading to Theory of Self Management

Motivation for Behavior Change in Healthcare
Tom, Eric, Yong Se, Eirik, Ryoichi

Challenges in Senior Care
Kai, Gunnar, Laurence

Technology Needs in Self Help Management
Laurence, Gunnar, Ralph, Kayt, Ali, Shangping, Kai, Zhen, Rosalie, Matthieu, Jihyun

Proposed Architecture for Self Management
Kei, Jihyun, Stephania

Human Centered Design Healthcare Monitoring Systems
Gerry, Eirik, Rosalie, Kai, Matthieu, Ali, Yong Se, Kei, Ralph, Shangping, Zhen

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