Breakout Summaries

Technology & Humanization

Research Goals:

– Overcome barriers
– Determine the best/most data to collect
– Determine how to access
– Components of an algorithm for appropriate response.
– Design social, acceptable, and affordable devices
– Design devices that are simple
– Info that is consistent, accessible
– Info that is secure, reliable, and accurate
– Data integration

Research Questions:

– What are the barriers?
– how do we improve existing practices with new tech & info?
– what kind of apps/devices/systems/objects do people need?
– what is an appropriate frequency of sampling and transmission?
– how do we integrate with current systems?
– is the information context-dependent?


– lobbying /  regulation / law
– identifying barriers
– data mining / analysis of data
– data collection


– new data sources
– context of data
– spectrum of locations
– proximity of care giver


– simple
– consistency of info
– access to info


– multidiscplined data integration
– common health record
– socially acceptable device


– common language (standardized?)
– easy to use
– family friendly

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