Medical Cyber-Physical Systems Workshop

In conjunction with CPSWeek 2013
April 8, 2013 Philadelphia, USA

The fourth workshop on Medical Cyber-Physical Systems (formerly know as HCMDSS (High Confidence Medical Devices, Software, and Systems) and Medical Device Plug-and- Play (MD PnP)) provides a forum for the presentation of research and development covering aspects of high integrity and interoperability for medical devices, software, and systems that are essential to improve safety and efficiency in health care. The goal of the workshop is to bring together medical device specialists, including researchers, developers, and caregivers, from clinical environments, industry, research laboratories, academia, and government to identify and address challenges facing the design, manufacture, certification, and use of medical devices.

Important Dates
Feb 8, 2013: Submission Deadline
Feb 28, 2013: Notification
Mar 5, 2013: Camera Submission Due
May 8, 2013: Early Registration

We welcome submissions that define challenges, report experience, or discuss progress toward solutions. Relevant topics include but are not limited to:

• Integration of Medical Device Systems/Models: Challenges and requirements for integration and inter-operation; experience developing, operating, or certifying interoperable equipment; component- or model-based approaches specifically targeting medical device interoperability; and data security and privacy issues

• Enabling Technologies for Future Medical Devices: Development, operation, or certification of implantable regulatory devices, networked biosensors, or tele- and robotic surgery devices physiologic signal QoS

• Distributed Control & Sensing: Robust, verifiable, fault-tolerant control of uncertain, multi-modal systems; physiologic signal QoS

• Patient Modeling & Simulation: Large scale, high fidelity organ and patient models for design and testing

• Embedded, Real-Time, Networked System Infrastructures for MCPS: Architecture, platform, middleware, and resource management issues and innovations related to safety, security, or verifiability

• High Confidence Medical Device Software Assurance: Challenges and innovations related to definitions of ‘safe’ behavior that vary across patients; how medical professionals will use new equipment and capabilities; and reconfiguration of devices and networks to meet individual patients’ needs

• Medical Practice-driven Models and Requirements: User-centric design, management of failures in a clinical environment, modeling of operational scenarios, including medical devices, caregivers, patients

• Certification of Medical Devices: Quantifiable incremental certification of medical device interoperability, role of design tools and COTS, approval of non-deterministic and self-adaptive devices

• Decision support systems: professionals and patients, as well as patient guidance services, which build on multimodal data fusion, data and pattern analysis, and modeling and predictive algorithms of patient health status

• Care Programs: identification of suitable care for patients, innovation in care pathways, organizational models and business models

Workshop Co-Chairs
Rahul Mangharam University of Pennsylvania
Iain Bate University of York
Patrick Graydon Mälardalen University
Krishna Venkatasubramanian Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Workshop Steering Committee
Insup Lee University of Pennsylvania
Paul Jones U.S. Food & Drug Admin. (FDA)
Sandy Weininger U.S. Food & Drug Admin. (FDA)
Julian M. Goldman, MD Mass. General Hospital

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