References on changing behavior

The following is a list of documents that may be of interest to people on this site. Many of the documents cover behavior change surrounding health issues. Just click on the title or cut and paste the URL into a browser. Thanks go to Peter Hodges for gathering this list.

Reference Report: An overview of behaviour change models and their uses

Theories of Behavior Change

The effectiveness of interventions to change six health behaviours: a review of reviews

State of the Evidence Regarding Behavior Change Theories and Strategies in Nutrition Counseling to Facilitate Health and Food Behavior Change

Understanding and influencing behaviours: a review of social research, economics and policy making in Defra

Health systems and health-related behaviour change:
a review of primary and secondary evidence

Five Strategies for Supporting Healthy Behavior Change

Systematic review of the effectiveness of health behavior interventions based on the transtheoretical model


Changing attitudes, knowledge and behaviour

Behavior & Energy

Behavior Change Interventions Delivered by Mobile Telephone Short-Message Service

The Role of Self-Efficacy in Achieving Health Behavior Change

Personal Responsibility and Changing Behaviour: the state of knowledge and its implications for public policy

Theories and techniques of behaviour change: Developing a cumulative science of behaviour change

The Impact of Social Networks on Behavioral Change:
A Conceptual Framework

Optimisation of infection prevention and control in acute health care by use of behaviour change: a systematic review

The Role of SelfMonitoring in Changing Behavior Focus on Weight Loss Treatment

Behavior Basics 102:
Structuring for Continued Behavior Change

Towards Better Behavior Change Models For Rich User Experiences

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